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John Stratton

A thirty-five year industry veteran, John Stratton founded Ticket to Ride in 1992. The intention from the start was to keep Ticket to Ride as a small and adaptable company. Like many other industries, travel agents have had to adjust to many changes in the industry. The company continues to be successful with a strong client base, many who have been there since its inception.

John Stratton can be reached at johns@tktoride.com

Steve Dahlgren

Steve Dahlgren, a founder of Ticket to Ride Travel, has over 25 years of travel industry experience. An American who grew up in Europe, Steve moved to D.C. to attend college and settle down. His desire to continue traveling throughout the world inspired him to enter the business, undergoing extensive travel automation training and graduating from international air pricing courses. He is dedicated to delivering excellent customer service that meets and exceeds the expectations of Ticket to Ride's customers. Steve is most proud of his client relationships that began in the 1980's and continue to this day.

Steve Dahlgren can be reached at steved@tktoride.com

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